Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rural libraries in the West

Though I was not going to visit libraries on my vacation out West to Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, I could not help but notice, that there were libraries even in the smallest of towns. I took a couple of photos as I was quickly passing by, and one was specifically called the Leadore Community Center and Library. This town in Idaho has a population of 105.  

I stayed for a few days in Story, WY with a population of 828. It has grown from about 400 when my cousin first moved out there about 25 years ago. I remember the one room library that mostly focused on local history and was open a few times a week with a volunteer librarian, if I recall correctly.

I could not resist and went to check out the Story Library this time, and was surprised to find a nice small library that is open six days a week, has all the latest novels and movies people might want, has a couple of public computers and free wi-fi for use by visitors inside and on a deck outside. Someone recently had donated a special Louis L'Amour shelf with all of his books bound in leather. In the back was a community room for meetings, workshops and other gatherings. The back room and office space had been added fairly recently. They are a branch of the Sheridan Public Library (pop. 17,000, metro area 29,000) and are doing well. Yeah!

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