Monday, March 26, 2007

Michigan Academy Annual Meeting 2007

Michigan Academy of Science Arts and Letters Annual Meeting
Library and Information Science Section
Friday, March 9, 2007
Held at Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI

Presider: Aparna Zambare, Central Michigan University


Material requests in an electronic environment. Joe Badics, Eastern Michigan University Library
Badics reported how they have phased out paper forms for acquisitions at EMU, and analyzed the requests received. 80% are for books, 78% requests were filled. The most interesting analysis concerned who was requesting materials. Art and history were the most active, 50% of the requests came from 4 people (or some other very small number.) Only 42 our of 736 faculty are requesting materials and only 30 students out of thousands. Many departments are not requesting anything. Another side note – people don’t use reserves much.

Trends in Online Library Tutorials. Maira Bundza, Western Michigan University

Consumer Health Websites as a Platform for Teaching Evaluation of Internet Content in a Library Instruction Course. Robin M. Sabo, Central Michigan University
50% of adults are not health literate, and since looking for health issues is the third most common use of the Internet, maybe librarians can help. In the Introduction to Library Research class, Sabo has students evaluate health websites, such as hoax site. There are public initiatives for improving information literacy as well as health literacy.

Teaching the Evidence-Based Practice Model in an Academic Health Sciences Library. Elizabeth Retzel Bucciarelli, Eastern Michigan University

Process of Constructing Medical Strategic Information Sources Use Value: Applications to Brussels (Belgium) and Lyon (France) Universities hospitals Setting. Samuel Tietse, University of Lille3 (France)
This librarian from France shared his research on the information sources used by medical professionals. One of the most often used was online contact with colleagues.

Googleocity: Information at the Speed of Chaos. Rhonda Fowler and Susann deVries, Eastern Michigan University

Sharing the New, Cool and Useful: WSU’s Emerging Issues Forum. Michael C. Sensiba, Wayne State University
This was the most interesting session on a way to keep librarians aware and on top of rapid and profound change. Using a commercial website Squidoo as a tool, Michael posts materials on this site for pre-discussion reading, which helps focus the discussion, and allows those who were unable to attend to still get the information. Discussions have been held on Social Networking , Viral Marketing & Libraries , Citation Management, and the next one will be on Second Life.

Why Should My Library Be Involved in the Institutional Repository? Ruth Helwig, Central Michigan University

Digital Commons Inspires Chapbook Project For Urban High School Poets: A Wayne State University Libraries Community Outreach Program. Lothar Spang, Wayne State University, and Deborah J. Tucker, Wayne State University
These librarians talked about an outreach project, where they encouraged at risk kids to write poems and then format them for in print and digital publication. Students were proud of their work, wanted a print copy and were interested in keeping the rights to their work.

Challenges of Undergraduate Education – Mark Harris, Ferris State University


PromptCat or Brief: Using Vendors Records in the Acquisitions Process. Randle Gedeon, Western Michigan University
I learned what we are doing in our own institution!

Teaching Our Teachers Part Two: Identifying, Ranking, and Assessing the Acquisition of Core Competencies for Instruction Librarians. Sarah Fabian, Eastern Michigan University

Patron privacy are we serious? Daniel Fidel Ferrer, Central Michigan University

Venturing off the island: Librarian involvement in the campus community. Jennifer Starkey & Angela Kelleher, Alma College

Faculty Status and Collective Bargaining: Panel Discussion of Professional Issues for Academic Librarians. Panel Presentation: Daniel Ferrer, Central Michigan University, Scott Garrison, Galen Rike, and Dianna Sachs, Western Michigan University

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